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It's hard to believe, that I couldn't see

elite-hsm was always right beside me

ELITE High School Musical Icons
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Welcome to elite_hsm! This community was created by _brina and amazing_envy because they love HSM and were tired of looking at bad HSM icons. elite_hsm is built on the same premis as magnifiqueicons, except all the icons here are HSM themed. Also, everyone is allowed to join this community, but you must apply to post.


Can I join here?
Yes, you can but you are not allowed to post unless you apply and we accept you.

How do I apply?
First you must join the community, so that it is easier for us to grant people access to post. Then, you apply HERE with:
- 5 or more icons of your own best work
- The name you'd like to post with

One (or two) of the mods will approve or disapprove your application. You are welcome to APPLY as many times as you want if you are not accepted the first time! This is just quality-control going on here!

Do I have to use an LJ-Cut?
Yes, if there are more than 3 icons there must be a lj-cut.

Can I post icons other than HSM themed ones?
No, this is a HSM community. If you link a post with other types of icons that is okay, but your teasers need to be HSM related.

What about banners, wallpapers, other graphics?
They are allowed but must be kept under a lj-cut. Though we would prefer if they were with some icons.

Can I post sick/dirty/harsh language icons?
They must be behind an lj-cut and there must be a warning.

Can I post my requests?
No, this is not a request community.

Are you mean to people?
No, we are not mean. We just want icons that are of good quality. We don't want to see any bad brush-work/text/etc. We can tell if you use Paint, so do not try to apply with Paint icons. Anti-aliasing is a GOOD thing, and icons saved as PNGs always have a better quality. Just a few helpful hints. :)

I wasn't accepted. Do you hate me?
No, it just means you are still learning and are not ready yet. Don't worry, you can always re-apply when you improve.

Yes, there are no exceptions. These icon makers have spent long hours working on their icons and deserve to be credited. Credit them in your keywords. If you have any questions on where to credit ask the icon maker, they will be happy to answer.

I have a new journal, but I still want to post?
Comment on the application post, and we will re-add you.

No bashing or flaming is allowed. Please be respectful to everyone.

Want to be affiliates? Comment here and we'll add you if your community is related to Disney Channel or if it's an "elite" community. =D

Current affiliates include:

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<3Your Mods,
Sab (_brina), Regina (amazing_envy), and Bella (xciaoxbellax)